About us

Organization structure
President   (Grand master) Michihara Shinji
Founder   Shigeyoshi Shinichi (8th dan)
Adviser   Iwamoto Masayuki
Shinji Taigen (4th dan)
Master   Mishima Shin (6th dan)
Miyazaki Junichi (6th dan)
Funaki Hiroshi (6th dan)
October 1982   Japan Karatedo Educational Study Association Shimane club was organized.
January 1983   Shimane Prefectural Budokan Karatedo class was opened.
April 1984   Japan Karatedo Educational Study Association Shimane branch was established.
June 1999   Kashima Kobudo class was opened.
February 2001   Hokki Kobudo class (the present Johoku Junior club)
April 2013   Changed the name to Japan Karatedo Educational Study Association Butokukan.
Dojo-kun (Dojo Oath)
  1. Karate cannot be without a human hand, one must live by certain ideals thoroughly as a practitioner.
  2. One must stand by common courtesy and manners within the dojo.
  3. One should balance harmoniously the virtues of wisdom, courage and technique.
  4. One must hold a proper posture and a befitting gentle behavior.
  5. One must comprehend the teachings are a lifelong lesson channeled through not only the art, but through our daily lives.
  6. One must be selfless and accepting towards one another. With no held conceit or animosity, as they constantly strive for self improvement.